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During the last 6 years  kWh advisory has successfully advised projects in Africa. kWh is able to offer a comprehensive range of development, economic, and commercial skills, based on its in-depth hands on experience in renewable energies in Africa [specifically-Solar PV]. Expertise is offered in the fields of Project development & PPA negotiation, financial & economic modeling advisory, regulatory & institutional framework advice, PPP development and implementation, and Land acquisition. kWh services comprise:

The development process for a greenfield project requires a significant commitment in terms of time, resources and expertise. Proper management of the development process is important if the proposed asset plant is to maximise the potential benefits to the company. The development process for any asset depends on local market knowledge. kWh advisory represents this committment...
Hands on analysis on multiple tariff regimes provides the basis of expertise to match your financial analysis, estimation and identification of economic developments and trends for key African countries to match your buisness models.
Experience in renewable energy technologies is the core competence of kWh covering a large variety of services. Due to the origin of the company, extensive know how is available in Solar PV and related regulatory framework applications such as FiT tariff, Rural Electrification and hybrid systems.
The Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure (PPPI) program's objective is to provide capacity building to help host government's create the proper environment to develop successful and sustainable PPPs, as well as to provide technical assistance to client developers in issues related to PPP program design, development, and implementation.
At kWh we develop energy strategies that fit specific FiT tariff regimes with electricity generation costs that are in many cases competitive with other local sources and predictable fluctuations in generation. PV systems provide clean, silent, low impact energy generation, allowing installations from the smallest size to large-scale power plants due to its modular characteristics.
Securing land is the most emotive task in Africa and due to the the nature of solar PV which requires large land areas, kWh has the proven experience to negotiation with locals to identify and secure site location on either option to lease and or option to purchase, while minimizing risk exposure before reaching financial close
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